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Conveyancing Process - for Purchase

For most people, buying a property is a big decision and one of life’s more significant investments. Being fully aware of what is expected at each stage of the buying process is paramount to achieving a smooth transition into a new property.

At Debbie Hutton Conveyancing, we aim to remove any stressful elements from the buying process by delivering our services through licensed conveyancers with years of experience.

Here is a checklist of tasks for each stage of the process.

What You Do:

Before Contracts are signed:

  • Obtaining pre-approval for a home loan (optional)
  • Researching potential purchase areas
  • Find the property! Liaising with real estate agents and negotiating price


  • Pay the deposit
  • Ensure the contract has all the clauses you require, eg finance, sale or building inspection clauses.
  • Read the contract carefully, if in doubt do not sign, seek advice from Debbie Hutton Conveyancing
  • Sign the contract!

After signing:

  • Communicate with banks or financial institutions to ensure home loan approval within contract time limits.
  • Organise inspections and/or reports for building structure, survey and strata (if required).
  • Sign mortgage documents.
  • Complete First Home Owners Grant application (for First Home Buyers only).
  • Ensure any balance funds will be available for settlement.
  • Make arrangements for the big move! (including telephone and power)


  • Organise final inspection with real estate agent (generally on the morning of settlement).
  • Organise keys for the property from the real estate agent.

What We Do:

Pre Settlement

  • Obtain a copy of the contract from the agent.
  • Organise lender’s requirements.
  • Conduct appropriate searches and lodge Priority Notice
  • Prepare transfer documentation.
  • Ensure home loan funds will be available at the time of settlement.
  • Arrange payment of stamp duty.
  • Communicate with lenders and financial institutions to ensure readiness for settlement.
  • Prepare settlement figures.

At Settlement

  • Attend settlement to ensure title documents are processed correctly.
  • Receive settlement funds from your lender.
  • Pay settlement funds to Vendor.
  • Advice you when settlement has been completed.

Post Settlement

  • Arrange for final report to be sent to you.
  • Lodge transfer for registration at Land Titles Office (where no lender is involved)
  • Advise you when title has been registered in your name (where no lender is involved).

✅Debbie Hutton Conveyancing will also hold onto your file for at least 5 years. So when you are ready to sell the property, we will have everything necessary to assist you in selling it.

For low fee conveyancing that is available when you need it contact Debbie Hutton Conveyancing.

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