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Conveyancing Process - Sale

At Debbie Hutton Conveyancing, we aim to remove any stressful elements from the selling process by delivering our services through licensed conveyancers with years of experience. Here is a checklist of tasks for each stage of the sale process.

What You Do:

Before Contracts are signed

  • Find an agent to market your property.


  • Ensure the contract has all the clauses you require.
  • Read the contract carefully, if in doubt do not sign, seek advice from Debbie Hutton Conveyancing.
  • Sign the contract!

After signing

  • Communicate with banks or financial institutions to arrange a discharge of mortgage within contract time limits.
  • Sign transfer.
  • Give your conveyancer your instructions for the balance funds following settlement.
  • Make arrangements for the big move! (including telephone and power)


  • Ensure property is in a clean condition with no rubbish left at the property and all your belongings removed.
  • Organise keys for the property to be taken to the real estate agent.

What We Do:

Pre Settlement

  • Obtain a copy of the contract from the agent.
  • Communicate with lenders and financial institutions to ensure readiness for settlement.
  • Prepare settlement figures.

At Settlement

  • Attend settlement to ensure title documents are processed correctly.
  • Receive settlement funds.
  • Pay any loan payout funds to lender
  • Ensure payment of council rates, land tax and balance agents commission on your behalf.
  • Advise you when settlement has been completed.

Post Settlement

  • Arrange for final report to be sent to you.
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